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Writing Skills for Trainers

Writing Skills for Trainers

1 day

This workshop shows you how to write performance-based training materials that focus on the "how-to's." It gives you tips and techniques to make your materials popular, interesting, and lively, using a clear, concise writing style.

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  • Write course content for your target audience.
  • Design course materials/audio-visuals for learners and instructors.
  • Select formats to structure course content.
  • Apply techniques of clear writing to your materials.
  • Develop your personal writing style.

For course designers, training analysts, instructors, and managers of training who want to improve the effectiveness of their written materials. It is also intended for anyone involved in training who wants more polished writing skills.


  • The 4 building blocks of writing.
  • Characteristics of learners you need to know.
  • What to do about the 3 key characteristics.
  • How to determine content.
  • Tips for making your content relevant to the learners’ jobs.
  • The type of content that you should not include in a course.
  • Questions to ask about your audience.
  • 3 characteristics of instructional writing.
  • Techniques to get off to a good start.


  • 13 criteria for structuring your materials.
  • 6 formats for course job aids.
  • How to choose the best format.
  • 7 rules for formatting job aids.
  • 6 characteristics of effective manuals.
  • 22 design decisions in page layout.
  • 3 fundamental document design principles.
  • How to use tables, charts, graphics, and illustrations.
  • 19 items to put into lesson plans.
  • How to stress what is important.


  • The 8 parts of speech you must know.
  • 6 ingredients of a proper sentence.
  • 6 most common grammar errors and how to avoid them.
  • Words that send clear messages.
  • How to be clear, concise, and complete.
  • How to remove redundancies.
  • Verb Power – unleashing action into your writing.
  • How to use lean words to add clarity.
  • How to avoid passive sentences.
  • Commonly misused words.
  • 8 punctuation devices and how to use them.
  • 6 spelling rules you will never forget.
  • 4 shortcuts to improve your spelling.
  • How to calculate readability.


  • 7 guidelines of effective style.
  • 4 common pitfalls of business writing.
  • How to make your meaning clear.
  • How to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases from your writing.
  • Common business clichés to avoid.
  • How to avoid exclusionary language.
  • How to convert vague expressions into concise messages.
  • Stylistic tools to polish your writing.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free 1-year edit service.  Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses.

Free telephone consultation.  If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"I received a promotion along with respect from management with the skills I obtained from Langevin Certification."
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