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Web-Based Training

Web-Based Training

Making e-Learning Work

3 days

This workshop gives you a straightforward, streamlined process for creating interactive and engaging e-learning. Learn how to blend a rich variety of methods and media for Web-Based Training (WBT) and Computer-Based Training (CBT). Return to your job with the key skills and confidence to design robust e-learning that goes far beyond boring "page turners."

This workshop is focused on instructional design principles for e-learning rather than the technical authoring/programming of a course.

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  • Choose the best WBT delivery strategy.
  • Work effectively with the Technical Department.
  • Determine constraints affecting course design.
  • Plan a WBT project.
  • Analyze learners to tailor e-learning to their needs.
  • Determine the course content.
  • Write the objectives of the course.
  • Design effective web-based tests and exercises.
  • Choose creative web-based presentation methods.
  • Select interactive web-based application methods
  • Determine the most effective feedback techniques.
  • Select the right web-based media.
  • Script the detailed design of the course.
  • Design a solid web-based course structure.
  • Create a comprehensive course framework.
  • Apply adult learning principles to maximize learner retention.
  • Select a Learning Management System that meets your e-learning needs.
  • Choose the right authoring tool.
  • Validate the course for instructional soundness and usability.
  • Evaluate the results of e-learning.

For anyone who must design or evaluate WBT/CBT, work with vendors, manage designers, or make decisions about e-learning.


  • The 4 main e-learning strategies.
  • How to select the most effective strategy.
  • How to blend various e-learning and traditional training strategies to maximize learning.
  • How to plan a successful e-learning project.
  • The most suitable type of content for each strategy.
  • How to determine specific design constraints affecting e-learning.
  • 6 fundamental tips to establish a solid working relationship with your technical department.
  • 10 key questions to determine potential technical constraints.
  • How to estimate design time.
  • How to assemble a highly productive e-learning team.
  • A step-by-step instructional design process.


  • How to target e-learning to your audience.
  • A simple worksheet for conducting a quick and thorough learner analysis.
  • How to determine course content.
  • 3 different types of content.
  • 4 factors to consider when determining design priorities.
  • A simple formula for prioritizing course content.
  • How to work effectively with subject-matter experts.
  • How to build job relevance into e-learning.


  • How to write course objectives that guarantee learner success.
  • How to design performance-based tests that work on the web.
  • 16 application methods for creating interactive exercises.
  • Guidelines for creating 7 different types of quiz questions.
  • 20 creative methods for presenting content on the web.
  • How to select the most effective instructional methods for e-learning.
  • How to provide tangible feedback to learners even for online tutorials.
  • 12 proven web-based media techniques to facilitate learning.
  • How to use graphics and animation to bring your course to life.
  • How to use audio and video effectively.
  • How to build a course structure that works for all e-learning strategies.
  • A design worksheet to create a complete script of the course.
  • When to incorporate storyboards.
  • 10 ways to create a user-friendly course framework.
  • 8 proven strategies to ensure that learners won’t quit mid-way.
  • Over 50 tips for applying adult learning principles to e-learning.


  • A 50-point worksheet for selecting a Learning Management System (LMS) that best meets your e-learning needs.
  • How to choose an authoring tool to maximize productivity.
  • 20 tips for conducting a design prototype session.


  • 3 proven techniques to test your e-learning courses.
  • 30 criteria to validate your WBT or CBT design.
  • How to stay involved in WBT beta testing.
  • A simple form for gathering insightful reactions during a pilot session.
  • How to evaluate the 4 outcomes of e-learning.
  • 50 possible items to include in an evaluation, including 2 sample forms.
  • Top 10 major e-learning design flaws.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format as well as e-learning resources and links. Simply download the templates from your personal My Langevin website.

Free e-learning sample module:
Training Needs Analysis – a $599 value.

Free 1-year edit service. Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses.

Free telephone consultation. If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"This course was completely application and feedback, which was absolutely great! I really was surprised at how much progress can be made in one single day!"
Scott Fabel - Computer Aid
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