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The Virtual Trainer

The Virtual Trainer

Facilitating the Virtual Classroom with Ease

5 days (~2 hours/day)

In just one short week, gain the skills and confidence you need to successfully facilitate synchronous training in your organization.

This dynamic workshop employs a blended approach, combining 5 synchronous sessions with off-line self-paced activities, scheduled from Monday to Friday. You will spend 10+ hours live and online, learning and practicing the key skills and techniques of a virtual trainer. An additional 6 to 8 hours of intersession work will also be required to round out your knowledge and skills.

Maximum Class Size: 12 participants (We limit class size to ensure maximum value for our clients.)

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  • Prepare to be a VC trainer. 
  • Start a course. 
  • Engage learners.
  • Present engaging visuals. 
  • Employ effective speaking skills. 
  • Read the group and adjust to their needs. 
  • Ask and answer questions. 
  • Use synchronous software tools. 
  • Co-teach with a producer. 
  • Manage scheduling and timing issues. 
  • Deal with difficult behaviors. 
  • Handle unexpected issues in the virtual classroom.
  • Close out the session/course.
  • Prepare for online delivery.

This workshop is delivered using the Adobe Connect platform. However, the content has been designed to apply to a wide variety of virtual classroom platforms.

For trainers who are currently delivering, or expected to deliver, synchronous/virtual classroom training. The workshop is also recommended for instructional designers/developers who want to gain a solid understanding of the unique needs that apply to the virtual classroom. Note: While it isn't mandatory, we do recommend you have fundamental knowledge and experience with instructor-led training techniques.

This workshop will show you how to leverage, adapt, and transition your skills and experience as a traditional classroom trainer to the virtual classroom (VC). Throughout the first four sessions you will have the opportunity to use the synchronous tools while practicing the core delivery skills of a virtual trainer. These practice opportunities are designed to progressively build your skills and confidence towards your final 10-minute teaching session during session 5.

Session 1:

  • The 3 most important steps to becoming a virtual trainer.
  • Starting a virtual course "on the right foot."
  • 6 proven tips to engage your learners throughout the course.
  • How to build rapport in the virtual classroom.
  • 7 practical tips for presenting engaging visuals.
  • How to interact with your visuals.
  • Why your voice is your most important asset in the virtual classroom.
  • How to project confidence and enthusiasm with your voice.
  • How to paint a vivid picture with descriptive language.
  • 35 tips and techniques to perfect your voice for online delivery.

Session 2:

  • How to read learners (if you can't see them).
  • The art of asking powerful questions in the virtual classroom.
  • How to tell when a learner has a question.
  • 4 fundamental approaches for answering learners' questions.
  • How to minimize going off topic.
  • The importance of having a producer.
  • Why you should avoid teaching solo in the virtual classroom.
  • How to be in-tune with your producer.
  • Best practices for co-teaching with a producer.
  • How to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • 15 tips to stay on schedule and avoid time wasters.

Session 3:

  • How to prevent problem behaviors before they erupt.
  • 10 great tips for separating the problem behavior from the learner.
  • An arsenal of techniques for handling problem people.
  • When to intervene (and when not to).
  • How to apply a simple yet effective intervention approach.
  • 5 effective techniques for mitigating unexpected issues.
  • What to do when technical issues arise.
  • How to deal with just about any and every technical glitch.
  • The best way to prepare your learners for virtual courses.
  • Why a troubleshooting guide is so critical.
  • How to stay calm when it seems impossible.

Session 4:

  • The most common issues for a new VC trainer and how to overcome them.
  • 12 tips for ending a virtual session smoothly.
  • A structured step-by-step plan to prepare yourself for every online delivery.
  • How to run proper rehearsals before you go live.
  • The factors to consider when building contingencies into your lesson plan.
  • How to deal with unexpected timing, flow, and content-related issues.
  • 7 simple steps for closing out a course.
  • 10 key "survival" tips for the virtual trainer.

Session 5:

  • Apply what you have learned by facilitating a 10-minute teaching session.
  • Give feedback to your peers on the performance of their teaching session.
  • Receive feedback from your peers and the instructor.
  • Wrap up the workshop!

Note: Additional after-hours practice opportunities in the virtual classroom will be available for learners to schedule between sessions 1 and 5.

Please visit Adobe Connect's Tech Specs for the most current technical requirements.

An opportunity to apply what you have learned by facilitating a 10-minute synchronous teaching session. You will receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement from your peers and the instructor, as well as a link to your recorded session.

30-day access to all recorded online sessions including your 10-minute teaching session.

Free 1-year follow-up service. Send us a recording of yourself instructing a virtual classroom session and we will give you detailed feedback to further develop your skills.

Free telephone consultation. If you need advice, confirmation of a decision, or someone to discuss ideas with – just give us a call.

"Just what I needed as a new trainer. I feel confident and equipped to succeed."
Angela Flinn - Lennox
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