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The Successful Training Manager

The Successful Training Manager

Achieving Organizational Impact

3 days

This highly regarded workshop shows you how to create a high-performance training function. The focus of this course is on how to manage the training function, not on how to do it all yourself.  Learn how to align training with organizational needs to deliver cost-effective, first-class training.

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  • Translate the organization's strategic objectives into training department objectives.
  • Write a mission statement for the training function.
  • Establish policies to focus training activities and guide decision-making.
  • Create strategic and operational training plans.
  • Develop a strategic training budget to support organizational objectives.
  • Manage the needs analysis process.
  • Select the most appropriate training strategies.
  • Calculate the costs and benefits of training programs.
  • Manage the design of training programs.
  • Deal with instructional design challenges.
  • Prioritize course content to meet tight deadlines.
  • Manage the delivery of training programs.
  • Coach trainers to higher levels of performance.
  • Manage the course evaluation process.
  • Staff a highly effective training team.
  • Assess the core competencies of your staff.
  • Apply a competency-based hiring approach.
  • Select the best vendors and consultants.

For anyone responsible for managing training.  It is not necessary to be an expert in training to attend this workshop.


  • 7-step process for setting the strategic direction of the training function.
  • How to match your department’s mission statement to the organization's mission statement.
  • How to align training and organizational goals.
  • Tips for dealing with senior management.
  • A simple bottom-up approach to forecasting training needs.
  • An easy-to-use course audit checklist.
  • How to influence budgeting decisions.
  • 7 proven budgeting techniques.
  • Time-saving methods for estimating program costs.
  • How to market yourself and your department.
  • 10 questions to define the role of training.
  • How to cut costs and spend wisely.

Needs Analysis

  • How to manage an effective needs analysis process.
  • The most critical steps for the training manager.
  • How to develop your staff's needs analysis competencies.
  • How to pinpoint a true training need.
  • Guidelines for selecting the best training strategy: traditional, e-learning, or both?
  • How to conduct a solid cost-benefit analysis.
  • Tips for making that build versus buy decision.
  • How to confidently guarantee a return on investment (ROI).


  • How to deal with the biggest design challenges.
  • A step-by-step procedure for estimating course design time.
  • Industry-accepted design time ratios for both traditional and e-learning strategies.
  • Short-cuts when deadlines are tight.
  • Tips, tools, and techniques for assessing instructional design deliverables.
  • How to deal with scope creep.
  • 20 tips to minimize the challenges of working with subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • A comprehensive course effectiveness checklist.
  • How to manage and develop top-notch instructional designers.


  • How to record, track, and assess instructor performance.
  • 15 skills of effective instructors.
  • The most common instructor problems and how to correct them.
  • A coaching action plan to deal with performance issues.
  • 14 proven coaching interventions.
  • Detailed feedback forms for both instructors and e-facilitators.
  • How to assess instructor burnout potential.


  • A realistic approach to managing the evaluation process.
  • How to secure organizational support from executives and employees.
  • A decision matrix for selecting data collection instruments.
  • How to build your staff's skills and confidence in evaluation techniques.
  • A checklist for planning a successful evaluation.
  • THAT question:  to ROI or not?
  • How to monitor your department's effectiveness (even if you're not a training expert).


  • Tips for selecting the best trainers and designers.
  • A worksheet for managing staffing requirements.
  • How to build competency-based hiring profiles.
  • A template for developing competency-based interview questions.
  • When to use vendors and consultants.
  • A 30-point checklist for assessing vendors and e-learning courses.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

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"Debbie was amazing!! I would take any and all of her workshops! She was interesting, brought real life experiences and was extremely warm and enthusiastic!"
Laura Valentino - Bristol Myers Squibb
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