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The Modern Classroom

NEW - The Modern Classroom

Tools, Tips and Technology

1 day

Enhance your classroom-based instructor-led courses before, during, and after training with a “buffet” of modern tools, tips, and technologies. This one-day BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop will provide you with an introduction to a variety of fun and engaging options including social media, microlearning, video, gamification, graphic facilitation, virtual reality, and more! Bring your smartphone or tablet and come prepared to experience a number of these interactive techniques first-hand.

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  • Connect with learners using social media.
  • Augment learning with online and user-generated video.
  • Engage participants using learning games.
  • Tell a compelling story to start a session or present content.
  • Use graphic facilitation to enhance your delivery.
  • Leverage the use of apps to increase fun and engagement.
  • Provide real-world application through simulations.
  • Replicate job-like conditions with virtual and augmented reality.
  • Enhance teamwork with online collaboration tools.
  • Reinforce training with microlearning.

For instructors, facilitators, and designers who are looking for new ideas and modern techniques to enhance traditional, classroom-based training.

Before Training

  • When and how to use video before training.
  • How to use your pre-course email to generate excitement for the training program.
  • A simple template to help craft your pre-course email.
  • 10+ sample survey questions to help gather meaningful data about learners’ experience, needs and concerns.
  • How to create hype for training using social media.
  • An easy-to-use tool to plan your social media strategy.

During Training

  • How to leverage technology to create non-traditional icebreakers.
  • 6 new tech-based icebreakers and when to use them.
  • When to use video to present content.
  • Valuable tips, guidelines, and cautions for creating powerful videos.
  • How to create vivid stories to present content.
  • Storytelling tips to help build rapport with your audience.
  • A structured template to help write an attention-grabbing story.
  • How to make the presentation of content more interactive using polling apps.
  • New ways to use images and graphics on your flipcharts and slides.
  • How to use graphic facilitation to create a visual hook for your learners.
  • 10 tips for using infographics to present content in a concise and compelling manner.
  • Guidelines for using games to add excitement and impact.
  • How to incorporate elements of gamification to increase engagement.
  • 16 engaging options to help gamify a course.
  • When and how to use simulations for realistic, job-like practice.
  • How to extend simulations with virtual reality.
  • How to enhance practice using augmented reality.
  • Tips for using smartphones and tablets to help assess individual practice.
  • How to create an interactive learning experience using an online scavenger hunt.
  • When and how to use online collaboration tools to facilitate in-class team work.
  • 15 tips for creating challenging and fun branching scenarios.
  • 3 modern review techniques to reinforce course content.
  • A detailed worksheet to help you build a thrilling escape room review.

After Training

  • How to use microlearning to reinforce learning back on the job.
  • How to extend learning after class using online games.
  • Tips and guidelines for sharing lessons learned using social media.
  • Guidelines for sending relevant post-course reinforcement.
  • How to curate and share valuable job-related learning resources.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free 1-year edit service. Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses. 

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