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The Advanced Training Manager

The Advanced Training Manager

Politics & Performance

3 days

This dynamic workshop focuses on the advanced skills required to move the training function to a higher level of performance and accountability and to broaden the reach and impact you have on your organization.  Learn how to navigate the politics of training and gain support for the strategic initiatives that will maximize the value of your department. Come prepared to tackle serious issues head-on and share your valuable experience with your peers.  There will be plenty of time allocated for open forum discussions on the issues that matter to you most.

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  • Increase training’s reputation as a vital contributor to organizational results.
  • Assess your organization’s political landscape.
  • Navigate the politics of training.
  • Defend against devious political tactics.
  • Manage the transition to performance consulting.
  • Communicate the strategic benefits of performance consulting to all levels of the organization.
  • Deal with the barriers and politics surrounding performance consulting.
  • Validate the training function's strategic objectives.
  • Develop a comprehensive set of performance metrics for the training department.
  • Link performance metrics to strategic objectives.
  • Implement a performance scorecard approach to measuring training’s total value.
  • Analyze performance data for trends and variations.
  • Apply a dollar value added approach to estimate training's bottom-line contribution.
  • Handle challenging objections to the dollar value added approach.
  • Develop a business case to gain executive support for critical training and performance initiatives.

For training managers/directors who want to deal with the tough questions and challenging problems facing training professionals today.

Organizational Politics

  • How to hone your political savvy without compromising your integrity.
  • A common sense approach to navigating the politics of training head-on.
  • How to deal with those political traps typical to training.
  • 101 political tactics.
  • How to figure out the political agendas of key players.
  • What is your political comfort zone and what to do about it.
  • How to play the “game” of politics on your terms.
  • How to use politics to strategically influence outcomes.
  • Tips to assess the good and bad politics of your organization.
  • How to defend against devious tactics.

Performance Consulting

  • How to systematically manage the change to performance consulting.
  • A detailed, step-by-step roadmap for planning a smooth transition.
  • How to carefully prepare staff for the transition.
  • A comprehensive tool for assessing staff core competencies.
  • How to manage staff resistance to change.
  • Valuable tips for setting transition milestones.
  • How to select the most receptive clients.
  • How to generate awareness across the organization.
  • Tips for selling performance consulting “on the fly.”
  • The 9 most challenging barriers and how to overcome them.
  • How to sell the strategic benefits of performance consulting.

Performance Scorecard

  • How to demonstrate and boost training’s absolute value to the organization.
  • A step-by-step process for implementing a performance scorecard customized to the training function.
  • How to account for training results accurately and consistently.
  • Tips for linking your scorecard to business results.
  • How to clarify vague goals, objectives, and directives.
  • Over 100 possible performance metrics.
  • How to create a balanced set of performance indicators.
  • A structured method for selecting the most meaningful performance metrics.
  • How to determine data collection and tracking methods.
  • 8 guidelines for reviewing and analyzing baseline data.
  • Tips for setting realistic performance targets.
  • How to apply a variance analysis technique to audit scorecard results.
  • How to best communicate results, including several examples.
  • A tool for evaluating measurement best practices quickly and easily.
  • How to apply a dollar value added (DVA) approach to make the case for Level 3 and 4 evaluations.

Business Case

  • How to write a winning business case for critical initiatives.
  • When (and when not) to prepare a business case.
  • How to conduct a thorough stakeholder analysis.
  • The I2-Grid system for prioritizing stakeholders.
  • A practical worksheet to keep you organized and focused.
  • Tips and techniques for writing persuasively.
  • A checklist to safeguard against costly errors.
  • Over 25 powerful words that sell.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free telephone consultation.  If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"The most professional, exceptional value I have had in 15 years of training."
Suzanne Stevens - Child Abuse Prevention Alliance
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