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Project Management for Trainers

Project Management for Trainers

A Structured Method for Success

2 days

This process-driven workshop is founded on the key skills of project management but has been specifically adapted to the training field.  It gives you a structured method for professionally managing all aspects of a training project, from defining the scope and objectives of the project to preparing a report of lessons learned.

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  • Identify the project scope.
  • Define the project objective.
  • Determine the project priorities.
  • Identify project tasks.
  • Estimate time required to complete the project.
  • Identify staff skills and availability.
  • Assign staff to project tasks.
  • Chart a project schedule.
  • Select outside vendors for appropriate tasks.
  • Supervise development of the project.
  • Write project status reports.
  • Organize effective meetings.
  • Resolve differences between project team members.
  • Document lessons learned.

For all training professionals who want a structured method for managing training projects.

Define Project

  • 6 key elements of a training project.
  • How to organize and manage the project's infrastructure.
  • The right questions to ask when launching a new project.
  • How to define and verify the objective.
  • How to get and keep the support of top management.
  • Tips for brokering support from key players.
  • How to manage priorities among other projects and tasks.
  • How to track the progress of a project.

Plan Project

  • How to establish solid control of your projects.
  • How to identify the tasks required in a training project.
  • Proven tricks of the trade in estimating task duration.
  • How to avoid the 5 common pitfalls in time estimation.
  • How to identify and assign staff to the project.
  • How to create a schedule that optimizes time and resources.
  • Tips for balancing the workload of your team.
  • How to analyze and manage potential project risks.
  • How to assess the need to contract out.
  • How to assess, evaluate, and compare vendor proposals.

Execute Project

  • Simple yet effective ways to keep your project flowing smoothly.
  • How to gather information on project status.
  • How to handle planning deviations early, before they get out of hand.
  • A results-oriented method of presenting the facts to upper management.
  • How to build group cohesiveness through team-building.
  • When to call meetings (and when not to).
  • A 10-step action plan for brief yet informative staff meetings.
  • 4 ways of being a good "Project Coach."
  • How to be an effective mediator and problem-solver.
  • The 5 phases of mutual gain problem solving.
  • How to handle difficult team members.
  • How to monitor all phases of the project.

Close-Out Project

  • How to set up a project evaluation system.
  • How to effectively record the lessons learned in a project.
  • How to identify and record what went right.
  • How to analyze the areas that need improvement.
  • Techniques that will inspire the next training project.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

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"As Generation Y enters the marketplace, e-learning knowledge and capability is becoming increasingly important. This gives you the tools needed to create and implement a strategic plan."
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