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Polish Your Presentation Skills

Polish Your Presentation Skills

1 day

Polish your most critical presentation skills and develop new ones during 3 video-recorded presentations.  Receive instant feedback and discover your strengths in a highly-supportive, non-threatening environment.

If you already consider yourself a good public speaker and you wish to become even better, this workshop is for you!

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  • Create a personalized feedback checklist of presentation skills.
  • Identify the traits of experienced speakers.
  • Apply verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Monitor your personal characteristics of voice, eye contact, mannerisms, and expression.
  • Diagnose your personal characteristics for areas of improvement.
  • Identify techniques to improve your presentation skills.
  • Create a personal action plan for your continuous improvement.
  • Evaluate your presentation skills against personal and professional standards.

For experienced instructors, facilitators, and speakers who wish to sharpen their presentation skills.

What You Will Do

  • Receive a detailed performance checklist of presentation skills that covers details such as eye contact, voice, gestures, mannerisms, movement, and facial expression.
  • Create your own individualized feedback instrument.
  • Select key skills to work on and develop during the workshop.
  • Deliver 3 presentations to the group that will be video-recorded.
  • Receive feedback on the skills you select for improvement from the other participants and from the course leader.
  • Receive feedback from the participants and course leader on other presentation skills they observe.
  • Receive a video-recording for all 3 presentations that includes the group's feedback and the discussion that follows.
  • Self-diagnose all 3 of your presentations immediately after each using the video-recording and feedback instruments.
  • Receive written feedback from the group on all of your presentations.

What We Will Do

  • Focus on your current skill level.
  • Concentrate on polishing your current skills and developing new techniques.
  • Assist you in becoming a self-assured public speaker.
  • Provide you with tips and techniques to project a confident presence in front of a group.
  • Focus in-depth on your non-verbal skills.
  • Concentrate on areas where you have the greatest potential for improvement.
  • Provide you with a true learn-by-doing experience.
  • Create a non-threatening supportive and congenial learning atmosphere.
  • Instruct you only on the skills that require improvement.
  • Offer suggestions for your further development.

Free 1-year follow-up service.  Send us a video-recording of yourself instructing and we will give you detailed feedback to assist you in reaching your potential as a speaker and further develop your skills.

Power Speaking:  The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker:
This book is authored by Achim Nowak, a master public speaker who has coached hundreds of Fortune 500 presenters. It’s a personal coaching guide packed with exercises, tips, and powerful speaking techniques.

"After attending this workshop, I received a standing ovation from the first class I taught after the workshop."
Cathy Rock - Siemens
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