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Maximizing Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

NEW - Maximizing Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

3 days (~2-2.5 hours/day)

Take your virtual classroom courses to the next level by leveraging the tools in your virtual platform—regardless of which platform you use—to create powerful, interactive, and engaging virtual learning experiences. Over the course of three consecutive days, you will spend 6+ hours live, online, learning how to create both physical and cognitive engagement through the use of active virtual classroom tools. Learn how to maximize engagement by encouraging simultaneous learner interactions, involving learners in the presentation of content, creating interactive application activities, designing personalized, dynamic intersession work, and so much more. An additional 2-3 hours will also be required for pre-course and intersession work.

Maximum Class Size: 12 participants (We limit class size to ensure maximum value for our clients.) 

Enroll in Maximizing Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

1. Session Date & Time
2. Platform

  • Assess your virtual platform’s engagement capabilities.
  • Leverage active tools to increase interactivity.
  • Optimize engagement from the start.
  • Involve participants when presenting content.
  • Enhance the session with meaningful application.
  • Reinforce learning with constructive feedback and debriefs.
  • Monitor participation to boost engagement.
  • Create dynamic intersession work.
  • Close each session on a high note.

For instructional designers, instructors, and training managers who want to leverage the tools in their virtual platform (e.g. Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToTraining) to increase learner engagement in virtual classroom courses. Knowledge of your organization’s virtual platform tools is an asset for this course.

Session 1

  • What engagement in the virtual classroom looks like, sounds like, and feels like.
  • A tested formula for optimal engagement in the virtual classroom.
  • A 40+ point assessment to evaluate your virtual platform’s engagement features.
  • Ideal engagement features to look for in a new virtual platform.
  • Techniques to adapt interactions to your current virtual platform’s tools.
  • How to leverage active tools to encourage interactions.
  • Combine active and passive tools to enable active learning.
  • Encourage simultaneous interactions so each learner is active.
  • When to use consecutive interactions to enable learner connections to the content.
  • Brainstorm techniques for using the tools available in your virtual platform.

 Session 2

  • Create a connection with introductions.
  • Reduce isolation with icebreakers tailored to your learner group.
  • Increase cognitive engagement by using 4 techniques to personalize learning.
  • 9 creative techniques to present training benefits.
  • 4 types of energizers to boost engagement.
  • How to create powerful memory hooks.
  • Powerful presentation techniques that keep participants involved physically and cognitively.
  • How to differentiate meaningful interactions from interactions with no instructional value.
  • A time-saving job aid to prepare virtual discussions that resonate with learners.
  • Engage multiple senses to help learners stay connected to the content.
  • How to vary application activities to increase interactivity.
  • Encourage collaboration through group work.

Session 3

  • Provide effective feedback by asking thought provoking questions.
  • Use your platform tools to increase interactivity during feedback.
  • Techniques to enhance peer feedback.
  • Enable clear connections between the application and the real world through debriefs.
  • How to stimulate critical thinking and increase cognitive engagement through reflection.
  • Techniques to replace non-verbal communication with virtual platform tools.
  • Identify signs that a learner is disengaged.
  • How to re-engage participants.
  • Easy-to-apply techniques to monitor participation.
  • Techniques to create dynamic intersession work.
  • How to build momentum for the next session.
  • Create memorable reviews and summaries.
  • A 35-question checklist to effectively validate a course’s engagement factor.

Please visit Adobe Connect's Tech Specs for the most current technical requirements.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format. Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

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