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Learning in The Virtual Classroom

Learning in The Virtual Classroom

Synchronous Learning 101


This highly interactive, hands-on workshop shows you how to learn in a live, online virtual classroom and lets you experience just how effective synchronous learning can be. The goal of this workshop is to get you comfortable using synchronous collaboration tools like chat, polls, audio, whiteboard, file sharing, breakout rooms, and feedback icons. So let us take you on an exciting tour of the virtual classroom and give you the skills and confidence to be successful in your first or next virtual course.

Course Length: 60-70 minutes (depending on group size)
Maximum Class Size: 15 participants (We limit class size to ensure maximum value for our clients.)

This workshop is a prerequisite for all of Langevin's virtual classroom (live online, VC) workshops. Learning in the Virtual Classroom is FREE when you purchase any virtual classroom workshop.

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At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the virtual classroom to locate the interactive tools.
  • Utilize the virtual classroom tools.
  • Prepare for a successful virtual session.

This course is delivered using the Adobe Connect platform. However, the content has been designed to apply to a wide variety of virtual classroom software.

Everyone involved in virtual learning – trainers, designers, managers, and learners. Whether you need to learn the basics, refresh your skills, or just see what’s possible in the virtual classroom, this workshop offers something for everyone and is sure to keep you engaged with its hands-on activities.

This workshop is a prerequisite for Langevin's The Virtual Trainer and Instructional Design for the Virtual Trainer workshops.

  • How to prepare for success in the virtual classroom.
  • Proper virtual classroom etiquette.
  • How to get used to your new virtual surroundings.
  • The optimal layout for learning.
  • How to navigate the virtual classroom.
  • The feedback icons and how to use them effectively to communicate.
  • Why chat can be used as more than just an instant messaging function.
  • The features and benefits of chat for learning.
  • How to use both group and private chat features.
  • A variety of techniques for using a whiteboard.
  • How to collaborate in the virtual classroom using a shared whiteboard.
  • Various polling methods.
  • How polls are used effectively in training.
  • How to make group work possible using virtual breakout rooms.
  • A practical troubleshooting guide to overcome common technical issues.
  • How to access shared content, files, and web links.
  • A step-by-step checklist to help you prepare your equipment and environment for optimal online learning.

This workshop is a prerequisite for Langevin's The Virtual Trainer and Instructional Design for the Virtual Trainer workshops.

Please visit Adobe Connect's Tech Specs for the most current technical requirements.

All the skills and confidence you need to be successful as a learner in the virtual classroom.

"Thank you! You have given me a great foundation to better do my job and help the company."
Melanie Niklewski - Eli Lilly
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