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How to Influence People and Events

How to Influence People and Events

3 days

This workshop is unlike any of our other programs and is NOT only for trainers.  Regardless of your background or position in your organization, this workshop shows you how to effectively influence others.  It gives you a step-by-step influence process and the confidence needed to produce consistent results and ensure win-win outcomes.  Learn how to work collaboratively with colleagues, peers, and upper management to accomplish your objectives.

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  • Manage your sphere of influence in the organization.
  • Identify key individuals to influence.
  • Assess your professional image, working relationships, and power base.
  • Expand your power base to gain positive results.
  • Set a realistic and achievable influence objective.
  • Determine the right time and right person to approach.
  • Assess the likelihood of a successful influencing interaction.
  • Select a strategic course of action.
  • Build a persuasive case that will generate win-win outcomes.
  • Tailor your case to your audience's influence preferences.
  • Present facts, ideas, and concerns persuasively.
  • Gauge individuals' reactions to refine your influence approach.
  • Apply specific strategies to deal with challenging people.
  • Assess the outcomes of each influencing interaction.

For anyone who wishes to use ethical influencing skills to advance themselves, their department, and their organization.

This workshop is not only for trainers.  If you feel other individuals in your organization would benefit from this course, please recommend it to them – they'll thank you for it!

Manage Your Sphere of Influence

  • How to maximize your capacity to get things done.
  • Tips for assessing key relationships as a foundation for successful influencing.
  • How to identify the scope of people you can reach.
  • The boundaries of your influence.
  • 3 facets of your professional image.
  • How to project the best image you possibly can.
  • A comprehensive 30-item checklist to assess your work relationships.
  • How to determine your current power base.
  • Over 75 tips to expand your earned power.
  • How to apply power without jeopardizing your relationships.

Develop Your Strategy

  • How to persuade others to take action – through commitment rather than compliance.
  • Proven techniques for building a compelling win-win case.
  • A simple 5-step technique for setting a realistic and achievable objective.
  • When to proceed with your objective – and when to hold back.
  • How to identify the decision-maker and all the key players.
  • How to evaluate your professional and personal relationship with the decision-maker.
  • 10 tips for determining the best order in which to approach individuals.
  • 18 critical questions to determine the consequences of pursuing your objective.
  • How to use earned power strategically.
  • The 5 most effective strategic courses of action.

Build Your Case

  • The 5 key influence strategies.
  • How to create a simple yet effective action plan for moving forward.
  • A 4-step worksheet for planning a successful influencing interaction.
  • A 6-step worksheet to build a persuasive case.
  • 11 logical thinking hazards.
  • 10 quick tips for perfecting the presentation of your points.
  • Over 20 tips to build the most persuasive case.
  • 5 techniques for writing persuasive points.
  • How to anticipate possible objections.

Present Your Case

  • How to convince others to buy into decisions without pulling rank.
  • 16 tips to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • How to speak the other person's language and get your message across with impact.
  • How to instantly establish rapport.
  • Tips for listening to others with interest and empathy.
  • How to state your purpose "with purpose."
  • Powerful questions that probe for hidden facts and buried opinions.
  • How to gauge an individual's positive and negative reactions to your ideas.
  • How to tailor a response without losing the essence of your message.
  • A handy memory jogger for interpreting body language.
  • How to present your views in a persuasive way, using both logic and vision.
  • The 4 main levels of resistance.
  • How to effectively embrace resistance and turn a situation around.
  • Effective strategies for dealing with the 6 types of challenging behaviors.
  • 6 easy steps to end a discussion with clear and concrete "to do" items.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free 1-year edit service.  Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses.

Free telephone consultation.  If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"Trying to develop WBT without taking this workshop is like building a house without a blueprint or floorplan."
Andrew Wilkinson - Schneider Electric
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