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Certified Performance Consultant

Certified Performance Consultant

Accelerated Certification Program

5 days

This in-depth program gives you both the hard and soft skills to become a competent and credible performance consultant.  It shows you how to change your focus from purely training employees to impacting organizational performance.  Master the skills needed to influence stakeholders at all levels and return to your organization as a catalyst for performance improvement.

This substantial program provides the highest level of certification for performance consultants.

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The key objectives for this program are:

  • Assist your organization in improving job performance through training and non-training solutions.
  • Apply influencing skills to obtain a person's commitment to take action for the benefit of both parties.
  • Define, plan, and coordinate a training project on time, within resource requirements, and to specifications.

For trainers who want to make the transition to performance consultant and maximize the impact they have on organizational performance.

Consulting Skills

  • A consulting approach that is realistic for trainers.
  • How to avoid the politics of becoming a "performance consultant."
  • How to gain credibility and secure top management support.
  • Tips for building collaborative relationships in the organization.
  • How to guide your clients through the performance improvement process.
  • A proven method of understanding "true" performance needs.
  • Key questions for identifying required and actual performance.
  • How to apply active listening techniques.
  • Tips for crafting questions that open up dialogue.
  • The signs of client discomfort or resistance.
  • Guidelines for handling resistance or challenges.
  • 7 major causes of performance gaps.
  • A step-by-step technique to determine the causes.
  • Where to find the evidence – over 70 sources.
  • A wide range of analysis tools and techniques.
  • How to guide clients through a decision-making process.
  • Over 50 types of performance improvement solutions.
  • Will the solution work?  Asking quintessential questions.
  • Write a report of findings and recommendations.
  • A simple approach for setting targets and identifying outcomes.
  • How to maximize your contribution by adopting the most effective role.

Influencing Skills

  • How to apply a powerful and ethical influencing process that produces consistent results.
  • How to maximize your capacity to get things done.
  • Tips for assessing key relationships as a foundation for successful influencing.
  • How to identify the scope of people you can reach.
  • The boundaries of your influence.
  • How to project the best image you possibly can.
  • How to determine your current power base.
  • Over 75 tips to expand your earned power.
  • How to apply power without jeopardizing your relationships.
  • How to persuade others to take action – through commitment rather than compliance.
  • Proven techniques for building a compelling win/win case.
  • A simple 5-step technique for setting a realistic and achievable objective.
  • When to proceed with your objective – and when to hold back.
  • How to identify the decision-maker and all the key players.
  • The 5 most effective strategic courses of action.
  • How to build a persuasive case that will generate win/win outcomes.
  • How to convince others to buy into decisions without pulling rank.
  • How to speak the other person's language and get your message across with impact.
  • How to gauge an individual's positive and negative reactions to your ideas.
  • How to present your views in a persuasive way, using both logic and vision.
  • How to effectively embrace resistance and turn a situation around.
  • Effective strategies for dealing with the 6 types of challenging behaviors.
  • 6 easy steps to end a discussion with clear and concrete "to do" items.
  • How to persuade individuals at all levels of your organization – even when you don't have formal authority.

Project Management Skills

  • Step-by-step procedures and specific tools for managing all phases of a training project.
  • Define the project objective.
  • Get support from other parties in the organization.
  • Determine the project priorities.
  • Identify project tasks.
  • Estimate the duration of tasks.
  • Identify staff skills and availability.
  • Assign staff to project tasks.
  • Chart a project schedule.
  • Select outside vendors for appropriate tasks.
  • How to establish solid control of your projects.
  • Supervise development of the project.
  • Techniques for dealing professionally with people (even the problem types).
  • Report project status.
  • Resolve differences between project team members.
  • Produce a lessons learned report.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Langevin's Project Management for Trainers resource guide (available as an Adobe® Acrobat® file).  Simply download it from your personal My Langevin website.

Free telephone consultation.  If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"I learned so much! I was feeling like I had been set afloat in a dinghy before this course. I now feel like someone (Langevin) threw me a rope."
Deborah Park - Canada Border Services Agency
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