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Advanced Instructional Design

Advanced Instructional Design

Developing Creative Materials

3 days

This workshop is intended for those who already have a good foundation in basic instructional design and wish to advance to the next level. It gives you step-by-step, structured templates to simplify and speed up the design of creative instructional methods. Make your materials relevant for learners and foolproof for instructors.

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  • Implement the 6-step "Learning Strategy" into all materials to assure proper course structure.
  • Match the best methods of instruction to content and learners' needs.
  • Build adult learning principles into course design.
  • Design interactive lectures.
  • Design discussions that build participation.
  • Design behavior modeling presentations.
  • Design focused and clear technical demonstrations.
  • Design realistic practice exercises.
  • Design performance checklists that guide learners in flawless performance.
  • Design realistic simulations.
  • Design peer reviews that work.
  • Design role-plays using one of five variations.
  • Design case studies that engage learners.
  • Design games to apply content.
  • Design debriefing sessions to enhance learning.
  • Design feedback sessions that will help transfer skills to the job.
  • Select the best format for lesson plans and leaders’ guides.
  • Validate instructional methods and materials.

For instructional designers with at least one year's experience in design. Also intended for those who have attended a course in basic instructional design and wish to improve their development of materials for participants and instructors.

General Principles

  • How to simplify and speed up the course development process.
  • The 6-step "Learning Strategy" for modular design.
  • How to achieve higher levels of learner participation and interaction.
  • Over 50 instructional methods and creative variations.
  • How to build lively, interesting courses that increase learner motivation and maximize learning.
  • How to create foolproof materials for instructors to deliver a course successfully.
  • Strategies that ensure learning occurs and transfers to the job.
  • How to use Langevin templates to create effective training and produce consistent results – even if you're not an expert.

Presentation Methods

  • How to create highly interactive buzz sessions.
  • Neighbor discussions for 100% participation.
  • 11 interactive lecture variations.
  • 7 tips for designing successful discussions.
  • Interactive behavior modeling designs to add interest.
  • Guidelines for designing powerful technical and software demonstrations.

Application (Practice) and Feedback Methods

  • 10 ways to make role-plays realistic and easy for instructors to use.
  • Tips for ensuring meaningful debriefing sessions.
  • 4 key debriefing questions to assess learning and transfer to the job.
  • How to design interactive case studies that are realistic.
  • Simulations that include real-world standards and conditions.
  • Guidelines for choosing the most effective feedback methods.
  • A powerful peer review approach.
  • Guidelines for designing successful and fun games.

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format. Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free 1-year edit service. Receive detailed feedback on your materials to help improve your courses.

Free telephone consultation. If you need advice or someone to discuss ideas with, just give us a call.

"If you are looking for a well-structured, disciplined approach to implementing an e-learning program, this program provides the necessary information and tools."
Connie Kuns - Columbus Metropolitan Library
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