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Puzzle-Making Resources

The following websites will provide you with ready-made puzzles and/or the tools to create your own puzzles:

Discover School

Offers a wide variety of topics in their challenging Brain Boosters (their version of brainteasers) with stimulating questions to test your knowledge.


Allows you to create and print your own word and math puzzles. Choose from Cryptograms, Word Searches, Number Blocks, Mazes, and so much more. This site allows you to choose a puzzle format and use your own words to create the content.

Brain Candy Mind Games

Offers an unusual selection of ways to have fun with words. It is a great place to find questions for conversation starters or group discussions.

Bill's Games

Offers a variety of brainteasers and a large selection of challenging interactive games.

Fun Trivia

Has just about every category of trivia imaginable - from famous bovines to classic TV.

Trivia Collections

Is the place to go if you are interested in finding weird facts and unusual information to stump your learners.

The Anagram Engine

Will let you create your own scrabble game or make an anagram out of just about any word imaginable.

Just Riddles and More

Has perplexing riddles and challenging puzzles that will challenge you and your learners. Choose from over 900 pages of brainteasers, trivia, and more.


Allows you to create word search puzzles using your own content, or use the puzzles created by other users.


Is the site to visit if you like movie trivia. Try to mach the tagline of the movie or tackle questions about music, geography, science, and computer trivia.

Mind Fun

Has multiple choice quizzes to challenge your sports, entertainment, and general information knowledge. Answer questions created by a former Jeopardy! champion.

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