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Game-Related Resources

If you decide to use an off-the-shelf or frame game in your next training program, where do you go to start your search for these types of games? Or if you decide to design a custom game from scratch, where do you find all the “stuff” needed to make your game both fun and professional?

The list below provides you with a variety of books, websites, software tools, and game accessory companies that will serve as an excellent starting point for whatever game option you choose.


Games That Teach: Experiential Activities for Reinforcing Learning by Steve Sugar, 1998

Training Games by Steve Sugar, 2006

Training Games for Career Development by Brandon A. Kirk, James J. Kirk, Lynne D. Kirk, Matthew J. Kirk, 1995

Training Games: Everything You Need to Know About Using Games to Reinforce Learning by Susan El-Shamy, 2001

Trainer’s Game Set by Edward E. Scannell, John W. Newstrom, 1994

Web Sites

Trainer’s Warehouse

Software Tools

Gameshow Pro by LearningWare Inc.

Game Accessories

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