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The Successful Training Manager

This highly regarded workshop shows you how to create a high-performance training function. The focus of this course is on how to manage the training function, not on how to do it all yourself.  Learn... More »

Certified Instructional Designer/Developer

This hands-on program shows you how to design successful courses that are popular, interesting, and lively.  It gives you the core skills to accurately diagnose training needs and to create relevant courses that truly improve... More »

Certified Instructor/Facilitator

This high-impact program shows you how to be a dynamic instructor, masterful facilitator, and polished speaker.  The session provides highly focused practice and feedback so that you will leave with tangible skills you can use... More »

Certified Training Manager/Director

This comprehensive program shows you how to build and manage a training function that produces measurable improvement to employee job performance and organizational results.  It gives you both the fundamental and advanced skills needed to... More »

"Polish Your Presentation Skills is like putting an edge on an already sharp knife."
Timothy Winter - DuPont
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