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Virtual Workshops

Instructional Design for New Designers

This fundamental workshop provides you with a proven step-by-step design process. Learn how to confidently apply Langevin's 12-step design cycle and incorporate time-saving shortcuts to simplify your job and produce better courses faster. It provides... More »

New Trainer’s Survival Skills

This essential how-to workshop will give you step-by-step processes for the analysis, design, development, delivery, and evaluation of any training program. Learn the skills to handle any type of training, from traditional classroom instruction to... More »

$ 2399.00
5 days
Recommended for: Designers, Instructors

Instructional Design for the Virtual Trainer

This comprehensive workshop employs a blended approach combining 5 synchronous sessions with off-line self-paced activities. You will spend 10 hours live, online, learning and practicing the key skills and step-by-step process to design a variety of... More »

The Virtual Trainer

In just one short week, gain the skills and confidence you need to successfully facilitate synchronous training in your organization. This dynamic workshop employs a blended approach, combining 5 synchronous sessions with off-line self-paced activities, scheduled from... More »

Training Needs Analysis

This workshop gives you a faster needs analysis approach that is realistic in today's climate.  It shows you how to apply a highly effective procedure for determining whether or not training is the solution to... More »

From Traditional to Virtual Classroom

This essential how-to workshop provides you with a step-by-step process for converting a traditional, classroom-based course to an engaging, performance-based virtual classroom training program. Over the course of three consecutive days you will spend 6... More »

"I learned more in one week with Langevin than the last 18 years I've spent as a trainer. Thank you. The course leader was absolutely the best!"
Jacki Chandler - Bank of Hawaii
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