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The Langevin Learning Passport


The Langevin Learning Passport is the most simple and cost-effective way to achieve your professional development and certification goals.

Here is what learning freedom gives you:

Unlimited Training for 12 Months...
You have 12 months to attend as many workshops as you like. The more workshops you attend, the more you save! For example, with 6 workshops, you could pay as little as $850 per workshop – a savings of over 75%.
Professional Certification, Faster...
Take as many Accelerated Certification Programs as you want. Not only will you save money, you will also achieve your desired level of Professional Trainer Certification in practically no time! In 12 months or less, you could join an elite group of trainers worldwide who have received their Training & Development Diploma!
Choice and Flexibility to Maximize your Learning...
Get the training you need, when you need it, by selecting any of our 25+ workshops and 6 accelerated certification programs delivered in major cities across North America. Plan your professional development over the next 12 months knowing you have a variety of choice, the flexibility to work around your busy schedule, and access to the most experienced and qualified group of course leaders in the train-the-trainer industry!
Amazing Value and Peace of Mind...
Purchasing a passport allows you to better manage and control your training costs for the next 12 months. The cost of this passport allows you to take as many workshops and accelerated certification programs as you like. There are NO additional fees (e.g. administration fees, membership fees, or registration fees). It's truly the most cost-effective way to achieve your professional development goals!

With over 100,000 trainers who have attended Langevin workshops, and keep coming back for more, we know you'll love our approach to training.

But don't take our word for it; see for yourself what your fellow trainers have to say...

This is a limited time offer!

Don't miss out on your chance to get your passport to learning freedom today!

Let us help you convince your boss!

Download, customize, and submit this Passport Approval Letter to your manager/supervisor in order to obtain approval.



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The Langevin Learning Passport (passport) is assigned to one user and remains with that user for the duration of the passport. Passports purchased by individuals are non-transferable. As such, passports purchased by organizations are non-transferable within the organization. All passports are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-cancellable. There are no extensions on passports.

Langevin Learning Passport holders may not be enrolled in more than four workshops at any given time.

Langevin has a very liberal cancellation policy: you can cancel your enrollment up to 2 business days before the workshop begins without penalty. Many of our workshops are full, therefore, if you fail to inform us that you cannot attend a workshop (i.e. a no show), you will be charged a penalty in the amount of the list price of the applicable workshop (in addition to the cost of your  passport).

Langevin's flexible rescheduling policy allows you to transfer your enrollment to another workshop at any time, without penalty, if you let us know a minimum of 2 business days before the workshop begins. Rescheduled workshops must be attended prior to expiry date of the passport.

If Langevin needs to cancel, change, or postpone a workshop for any reason, we will try to give as much advance notice as possible. Langevin will not be liable for any costs incurred for travel, hotel, or any other consequential damages as a result of a workshop cancellation.

The Langevin Learning Passport cannot be applied to the purchase of any product (eBooks, self-study kits, e-learning modules, workshop manuals), professional coaching and consulting services, or workshops at your location.

Certification discounts do not apply to the passport.

The name and e-mail address of the person who will be using the passport must be provided at the time of purchase. All purchases are final; there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges on passport purchases. There are no extensions on passports.

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