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Ralph's Brainteasers & Beyond

Ralph's Brainteasers & Beyond


Our first puzzle ebook was so popular that we asked Ralph to come up with more! This ebook has even more of Langevin's famous brainteasers as well as a variety of all new, challenging puzzles suitable for all types of learners and training programs. 

Solving puzzles and brainteasers can improve our reasoning and thinking skills, increase our memory, expand our attention span, and increase our concentration. 

Use the puzzles and brainteasers in this ebook to:
•    Increase creativity
•    Improve problem-solving skills
•    Put learners in a participatory mood

Take your learners beyond the easy puzzles and challenge them to solve some of the more difficult puzzles you will find in this book. You’ll find plenty of brainteasers and puzzles that are sure to match the interests and abilities of any group.

eBooks are not refundable - all sales are final.

This ebook includes:

  • Hundreds of new brainteasers.
  • Over 200 different types of puzzles featuring word association, pattern recognition, and more.

Upon purchase of this ebook you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to all the puzzles as Adobe® Acrobat® files so you can easily feature them in your own training materials.

"Wonderful. Puts each piece of the puzzle in place. This will surely make my job easier. Outstanding instructor – as usual with Langevin."
Jim Cosby - General Motors
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