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Project Management for Trainers

Project Management for Trainers


This process-driven ebook is designed to show you how to apply sound principles of project management to training. Learn how to conceptualize, plan, and coordinate a training project on time, within resource requirements, and to specifications.

  • Identify the project requirements.
  • Define the project objective.
  • Determine the project priorities.
  • Identify the project tasks.
  • Estimate the time required to complete the project.
  • Identify staffing requirements and resources.
  • Assign staff to project tasks.
  • Chart a project schedule.
  • Select outside vendors for appropriate tasks.
  • Supervise development of the project.
  • Write project status reports.
  • Organize effective meetings.
  • Resolve differences between project team members.
  • Validate a course.
  • Document lessons learned.

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Define Project

  • How to define and write the project objective.How to get – and keep – the support of top management.
  • Tips for brokering support from key players.
  • 6 key elements of a training project.
  • How to use a proactive approach when determining a project’s risks.
  • How to manage priorities among other projects and tasks.
  • A simple method to organize project documentation.

Plan Project

  • A structured method to establish control of your projects.
  • Proven guidelines for estimating the duration of a project.
  • How to identify and assign staff to a project.
  • A handy tool to prioritize critical tasks.
  • How to create a schedule that optimizes time and resources.
  • Tips for balancing the workload of your team.
  • How to communicate effectively with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).
  • When to select outside vendors.
  • How to assess, evaluate, and compare vendor proposals.
  • How to analyze and manage potential project risks.

Execute Project

  • Simple yet effective ways to keep your project flowing smoothly.
  • How to gather information on project status.
  • The key questions you can ask to assess the status of a project.
  • A results-oriented method of presenting the facts to upper management.
  • When (and when not) to call meetings.
  • A 10-step action plan for brief yet informative staff meetings.
  • How to use team-building to ensure group cohesiveness.
  • A 5-step conflict resolution process.
  • How to monitor all phases of a project.

Close-Out Project

  • How to set up a project evaluation system.
  • Simple techniques to validate a course.
  • How to effectively hand over the final product.
  • How to identify and record what went right.
  • How to analyze the areas that need improvement.
  • Techniques that will positively influence the next training project.

Upon purchase of this ebook, you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to all checklists, worksheets, and forms as job aids in Microsoft® Office Word template format.

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