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Marketing Your Training Internally

Marketing Your Training Internally


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This self-study kit is designed to guide you in creating a practical, results-oriented marketing plan to increase the credibility of your department.  Learn how to package training in the context of organizational needs and promote the value of both your product and department.

  • Construct a marketing plan.
  • Identify potential markets for your programs and services.
  • Package training in the context of organizational needs.
  • Establish a continuous promotional focus.
  • Design an image of training to match your product.
  • Manage your ongoing relationship with customers.


  • The 5 ingredients of the marketing mix.
  • 15 indicators of ineffective marketing.
  • 14 parts of the training message.
  • How to identify your target market.
  • The 8 key ingredients of the marketing plan.
  • The key questions to ask when creating your marketing plan.
  • A simple worksheet to use to develop your marketing plan.


  • Identify features, benefits, and results of training.
  • Determine the real product.
  • The best way to create a marketing headline.
  • What to include in your marketing ad.
  • The key words to use when identifying benefits.
  • The best ways to advertise your product.


  • The real purpose of marketing.
  • The 3 groups to which you must market your training.
  • Develop rapport with customers.
  • Select the right way to communicate.
  • 20 buying considerations.


  • The 2 categories of promotional techniques.
  • 85 promotional techniques to use.
  • The 5 criteria to consider when choosing promotional techniques.
  • How to develop a promotional action plan.


  • 12 factors that affect your department’s image.
  • Powerful adjectives to improve your department’s image.
  • How to build rapport with your customers before, during, and after training.
  • The 6 elements of effective training.
  • 7 attributes to enhance your credibility.
  • How to apply interpersonal communication techniques effectively.

Upon purchase of this resource guide, you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to all checklists, worksheets, and forms as job aids in Microsoft® Office Word template format.

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"Training always takes the back seat; this workshop puts training behind the wheel!"
Joel Abern - Northern Trust
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