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Make Your Training Stick

Make Your Training Stick


This practical ebook shows you how to secure buy-in and support for training and performance throughout your entire organization.  It gives you a set of comprehensive tools and techniques to ensure that training really “sticks” back on the job – long after a course is completed.

  • Sell the idea of training transfer to the organization.
  • Create a training partnership between learners, trainers, and supervisors.
  • Prepare potential learners for training.
  • Create a transfer-friendly training environment.
  • Develop a transfer of training mind-set for learners, trainers, and supervisors.
  • Conduct follow-up activities with supervisors and learners.

eBooks are not refundable - all sales are final.

Before Training

  • A 5-step process for brokering support among managers, supervisors, and senior executives.
  • A comprehensive tool to help you “sell” training transfer to the organization.
  • The 4 major benefits to line supervisors for improving training transfer.
  • A 7-point implementation checklist to help you form a training partnership in your organization.
  • A suggested agenda for your training partnership meeting.
  • How to develop a training transfer plan that documents responsibilities for training transfer before, during, and after training.
  • 7 characteristics of “shelf-resistant” instructional materials.
  • 4 “how-to” design guidelines for creating meaningful course materials.
  • When and when not to use job aids.
  • How to get learners to want to attend training for the right reasons.
  • Tips for creating Performance Kits to help ensure the transfer of training.
  • 6 tips to help supervisors cover an employee's absence from the job.

During Training

  • How to prevent outside disturbances during training.
  • 8 tips for economizing class time.
  • 4 steps for creating effective practice sessions that will contribute to training transfer.
  • A simple worksheet for designing meaningful practice sessions.
  • How to apply the 6 stages of the learning strategy.
  • Tips for encouraging learner participation during training.
  • 13 group activities that maximize training effectiveness.
  • How to help learners build relationships with one another.
  • How to motivate learners to create Action Plans.
  • 5 tips for developing a relapse prevention strategy.

After Training

  • Guidelines to help supervisors debrief learners after training.
  • Tips for helping supervisors schedule an appropriate work load for returning learners.
  • Guidelines for maintaining a strong workplace learning relationship.
  • A follow-up system to ensure that knowledge is effectively transferred.
  • How to conduct a post-course debrief with both learners and supervisors.
  • The 4 elements to include in a report to management.
  • A sample Transfer of Training Report to guide you back on the job.

Upon purchase of this ebook, you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to all checklists, worksheets, and forms as job aids in Microsoft® Office Word template format.

"My company's money was very well spent - it'll make me much more productive."
Kathy Paris - Toyota
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