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Instructional Designer/Developer Toolkit

Instructional Designer/Developer Toolkit


Get  a $1,500 credit when you purchase the 5-day Certified Instructional Designer/Developer Accelerated Certification Program.

This comprehensive toolkit is for trainers who want to develop and enhance their instructional design skills and improve the effectiveness of their training courses.  It gives you a highly effective, 12-step instructional design process that will simplify your job and help you produce better courses faster!

The key objectives for each of the toolkit components are:

Instructional Design

  • Plan instructional design projects.
  • Analyze learners to target course content.
  • Determine the course content.
  • Design tests and exercises.
  • Select the most appropriate instructional methods.
  • Apply principles of adult learning.
  • Develop course materials.
  • Evaluate course effectiveness.

Training Needs Analysis

  • Define the job performance problem.
  • Identify potential causes.
  • Test each potential cause.
  • Confirm the cause(s).
  • Propose training and non-training solutions.

Project Management for Trainers

  • Define the project requirements.
  • Identify staffing requirements and resources.
  • Chart the project schedule.
  • Supervise project development.
  • Verify and deliver the final product.
  • Document lessons learned.

Writing Skills for Trainers

  • Tailor content to your target audience.
  • Apply proper writing techniques to your training materials.
  • Avoid common writing errors.
  • Adapt your personal writing style.

Creative Tools for Trainers

  • Build and maintain a good rapport with learners.
  • Emphasize key learning points.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Relieve learner anxiety.

Puzzles & Brainteasers

  • Engage learners in training.
  • Create opportunities for learners to work with each other.
  • Re-energize learners.

Instructional Designer/Developer Manual
This comprehensive manual contains both fundamental and advanced instructional design tools/templates, assessment instruments/checklists, step-by-step procedures, and best practices, along with practical shortcuts to simplify and speed up course design.

Training Needs Analysis:: A Quick, Consultative Approach
This 45- to 60-minute e-learning module is for trainers who want the quickest possible shortcut to needs analysis that is realistic in today’s climate.  When you are pressed for time, this method is effective, reliable, and it saves you time and money by helping you focus on initiatives that are based on true training needs.

Project Management for Trainers Resource Guide (Adobe® Acrobat®)
This guide is for training professionals who want to conceptualize, plan, and coordinate the various elements of a training project.

Writing Skills for Trainers Self-Study Guide (Adobe® Acrobat®)
This self-study guide is for training professionals who want to improve the effectiveness of their training materials and develop more polished writing skills.

55 Creative Tools for Trainers Book
This book is loaded with 55 creative training tools and techniques to make your courses lively and memorable and is guaranteed to transform your training into enjoyable, interactive experiences.

Ralph's Favorite Puzzles & Brainteasers Book (Adobe® Acrobat®)
Our learners rave so much about our puzzles and brainteasers, that Ralph Langevin has personally selected his favorite ones from our workshops and combined them into a book that is sure to be your favorite too!  Your learners will love them as much as our learners do, but maybe not quite as much as Ralph!!!

4 hours of expert one-on-one coaching and feedback with a Langevin Certified Master Trainer.  Send us your course materials for assessment and get feedback from one of our senior course leaders.

Upon purchase of a toolkit, you will receive your personal My Langevin account that will give you access to the web-based components of the kit and much more.

The Instructional Designer/Developer Manual, Project Management for Trainers Resource Guide, and Writing Skills for Trainers Self-Study Guide include all worksheets, checklists, and forms as job aids in Microsoft® Office Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

"I'm guaranteed to be ten times more effective and knowledgeable. I'm definitely coming back for more."
Clarence Parker - The Pentagon
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