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25 Creative Ways to Add Excitement to Your Training e-Learning Module

25 Creative Ways to Add Excitement to Your Training e-Learning Module


This e-learning module counts towards certification!

It's a great alternative if you can't attend the 1-day 25 Creative Ways to Add Excitement to Your Training workshop!

This creative e-learning module is designed specifically for trainers who want to add fun and excitement to their courses. This is a highly interactive course loaded with creative tips, techniques, and methods to accelerate learning, motivate learners, and rejuvenate your training. It's guaranteed to broaden your repertoire with new options and techniques to go beyond "the way it's always done."

  • Build fun and creative techniques into your courses.
  • Conduct rapport building icebreakers.
  • Incorporate invigorating energizers.
  • Deliver interactive lectures.
  • Facilitate engaging discussions.
  • Create memorable review techniques.

Technical Requirements


  • The principles of adult learning and how to apply them to your courses.
  • How to create an eagerness to learn.
  • 5 effective icebreakers and when to use them.
  • How to transform dry, boring lectures into enjoyable, interactive experiences.
  • Discussion techniques that always guarantee high levels of participation.
  • How to prevent boredom from setting in.
  • Review techniques to clarify and highlight key learning points.
  • How to stimulate creativity in your learners.
  • Guidelines for using games to add fun to dry material AND accelerate learning.
  • How to create vivid stories to grab learners' attention and create memory hooks.
  • The power of themes to increase learners’ retention of key learning points.
  • How to use props to rejuvenate your training.
  • Loads of tips and techniques to motivate your learners and minimize their anxiety.
  • How to ensure your course is the most memorable ever.

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