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Make Your Training Stick

This practical ebook shows you how to secure buy-in and support for training and performance throughout your entire organization.  It gives you a set of comprehensive tools and techniques to ensure that training really “sticks”... More»

Games in Training

This ebook shows you how to design creative games that teach. Learn how to select, design, and facilitate games that boost the fun factor while maximizing learning. Turn humdrum training into an exciting and memorable experience. More»

Marketing Your Training Internally

This self-study kit is designed to guide you in creating a practical, results-oriented marketing plan to increase the credibility of your department.  Learn how to package training in the context of organizational needs and promote... More»

Ralph's Ultimate Collection of Brainteasers, Puzzles & Trivia

This ebook is designed for trainers who want to make their training fun and interactive. Adding an element of entertainment and friendly competition to a training session is a great way to get participants engaged... More»

Ralph's Brainteasers & Beyond

Our first puzzle ebook was so popular that we asked Ralph to come up with more! This ebook has even more of Langevin's famous brainteasers as well as a variety of all new, challenging puzzles... More»

Ralph's Favorite Puzzles & Brainteasers

This ebook is an invaluable resource of ready-made puzzles and brainteasers that you can easily feature in your training programs.  More»
"This is a fundamental course for any trainer who must use distance training as part of their toolkit. This course provides you with the knowledge and confidence you need to lead an interactive, effective online course which maximizes learner engagement."
Denise Johnsen - Health Net
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