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Professional Certification for Trainers

Langevin Learning Services provides three levels of Professional Certification for Trainers. It's the most recognized and widely attended certification program in the training industry. Join the more than 20,000 trainers who have been certified with Langevin to date and gain the highest credentials available in the training profession. Download our Professional Certification Brochure for more details.

1. Specialty Certification

Start your journey on the road to success as a trainer.

Select 8 days of training within 1 of 8 areas of expertise.

Identify an area of expertise that represents your role or interest (e.g. Instructional Designer/Developer). Select the workshops that apply to the area of expertise, according to the Certification Grid. Enroll in each workshop as your schedule and resources permit. Once you have completed the workshops, for a total of 8 days, you will receive your first Specialty Certification (e.g. Certified Instructional Designer/Developer).

AND, upon completion of your first certification, you will receive a 20% FEE REDUCTION on all future public workshops you attend or any Langevin product (excluding the Freedom Pass) you purchase.

2. Master Trainer®

Further your professional development and broaden your skills.

Select an additional 8 days of training for a total of 16 days.

Upon completion of your Specialty Certification, you may choose to continue taking more workshops to address a specific need, to further your professional development, etc. You can take additional workshops within your area of expertise or within another area (e.g. Instructor/Facilitator). Enroll in the workshops of your choice and complete another 8 days of training, for a total of 16, to become a certified Master Trainer®.

3. Training & Development Diploma

Attain the highest level of Professional Certification for Trainers.

Select an additional 8 days of training for a total of 24 days.

Once you start, you won’t be able to get enough! Take 8 more days of training for a grand total of 24 days. Your reward will be a Training & Development Diploma - the ultimate foundation for a successful career in the training industry.


Accelerated Certification Programs

8 days worth of value-added training in ONLY 5 days!

These comprehensive programs (ACPs) save you time and travel costs (instead of attending each workshop separately). Each program has been expertly designed using Langevin's proven blended learning approach and is conducted by one of our senior course leaders to maximize your learning.


"I have taken online courses from other companies that were draining and unfocused. Langevin classes on the other hand are wonderful! They set the pace based on the learners. They demonstrate best practices as they teach them. They give plenty of time for practice, and all their intersession work serves a purpose. Any Langevin class, is well worth taking!"
Catherine Rusnak - Booz Allen Hamilton
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