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Langevin’s Mission: To provide trainers with the skills, knowledge, and materials they need to succeed in their careers.

For more than 30 years, Langevin has been a provider of highly renowned workshops, professional certifications, and products for trainers and business professionals. Based on the success of our programs, we have also moved into the realm of professional coaching and consulting, and have pioneered the world of virtual classroom training.

We have a passion for the training we create and we stand behind it 100%. Our entire staff attend our workshops just like you. From our instructional designers to our course leaders to our client services team, Langevin is dedicated to one goal—providing trainers like you with the skills, knowledge, and materials they need to succeed in their careers.

Our world-class course leaders are passionate and committed to delivering an exceptional training experience every time. They inspire their learners and help bring clarity to training practices. Their only role is to deliver Langevin workshops and continuously improve their knowledge and performance. Our high standards for quality and service speak for themselves—our clients give our course leaders, on average, a rating of 9.7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

We pride ourselves in providing practical, real-world, performance-based workshops and products guaranteed to set you up for success. You’ll walk away from each workshop with renewed focus, enthusiasm, and efficiency to bring back to your job. These workshops are all we do—they’re not just a sideline.

Thanks to our valued clients, Langevin is the world’s largest train-the-trainer company, a leader in the industry, and is recognized for excellence in train-the-trainer workshops. We make these claims with confidence as we have the most training days scheduled per year, the widest selection of workshops, the largest faculty of full-time, dedicated course leaders, and the most extensive client base in the training profession.


"I absolutely loved this class. It delivered exactly what I was looking for. I will recommend it to both my management and peers alike."
Marie Lyons - Prudential
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