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Paul Sitter

Paul Sitter

Hello, folks! I’m Paul Sitter, a Langevin Course Leader since January 2000. I’m happy to share a little bit about myself with you. I live with my wife and three children in Napa, California where—off and on—I have spent a good portion of my life.

I have a BA in History from the University of San Francisco. San Francisco is the city where I conduct about half of my Langevin workshops. While I’ve had many different jobs in my working life, a consistent thread is that I’ve somehow been associated with the training effort within (and sometimes external to) my organization. Some of the environments I’ve trained in are sports, military, technical, aviation, and academia. Langevin Learning Services is the culmination of that training career.

I believe that, with the right training and support, people can be competent performers in most positions. The organizational trainer is the key to providing that performance boost. I am pleased to be with a company that provides the skills, knowledge, and tools to help other trainers achieve success in that role!

Interests and Hobbies

While there are a number of sports that were more of an obsession than a hobby for me, my focus now is on my family. If there’s a soccer pitch within 50 miles of home with sidelines on which I have not stood, I would like to see it. Of course, if you ever visit the Napa Valley and would like some running or biking suggestions, I can help with those as well.

Life’s Biggest Lessons and Influences – So Far

There have been three major influences that shape who I am today. The patience and love of my family—especially my mother—taught me to respect the value and potential of those with whom I share my journey. Almost a decade in the Army showed me that a person can achieve far more than they would have imagined. Finally, more that 30 years in a number of sports have helped me experience the heights we can attain and the beauty around us.

My Favorite Langevin Moment

As course leaders, we are expected to lead by example. We usually do. I generally stay in the classroom over lunch to prepare for the afternoon and to be available to answer questions. Participants sometimes have a little trouble getting back to the classrooms promptly after lunch (late bills, long lines, slow service, etc.). While I always restart the class at the appointed time, it’s easy to be understanding when people occasionally straggle in a bit late. During one of my first workshops in downtown Chicago, I ducked out of the classroom over lunch for a quick errand. I walked a block and a half away from our training site in The Loop and went to a couple of stores. While wandering around the stores I got a little disoriented, so I asked a couple of people how to get back to Wacker Drive. Now I know why they call it The Loop. Who knew there was a South Wacker and a North Wacker? Oh, and an East and West Wacker, too. Then there are Upper and Lower Wacker. To make a long story—and a longer walk—short, I ended up taking a cab back – and got back in the room about 5 minutes late. Fortunately, it was a very understanding group for this out-of-towner!

"Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen the tools in your training toolbox."
Marilyn Smith - Dollar General
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