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Madonna Wagner

Madonna Wagner

Hello Everyone, I am Madonna Wagner and I currently live in Dallas, TX.  I began my training career in the United States Air Force back in 1998.  When I retired in 2009, I was fortunate to work as a training consultant in the military, private, and not-for-profit sectors.  My training background is very diverse and I’m excited that I can incorporate those experiences at Langevin.

I have a degree in both Social Psychology and Leadership Management.  My training focus has been in Management, Public Affairs, Recruiting, and Sales and Marketing. 

 My training philosophy is “Get them to Aha!”  There is nothing more important than getting people to a place where the training clicks into place for them on a personal level.

Interests and Hobbies

I am a youth advocate in my community and am a board officer in a local charity.  I also sit on the board of my son’s school and work diligently to raise awareness of issues facing the youth of today.  I work with local agencies and business leaders to develop scholarships and programs to mitigate challenges often found in urban schools and communities. My family and I are also involved in organizations that help veterans improve their quality of life.      

Life’s Biggest Lessons 

The biggest lesson I learned was through a former superintendent.  Our organization was going through an inspection and I was selected to brief the superintendent.  I heard that he was a stickler for adherence to policy and I wanted to make us look good so I worked 12 hour days for weeks to get things up to speed.  When I arrived at 5 am Wednesday morning, he was sitting at my desk.  He wasn’t due to arrive until 10 am.  He blasted me as soon as I walked through the door.  He said he had been in town since Monday and he saw the hours that I worked and he called me a fool.  He said, “Learn to maximize every moment you have at work so that when work is over you can play.  When you are here, you focus and ask what is the best use of your time right now.  Make those moments count.  When you go home, you focus on your family.  When you are old and grey, no one will care how many trophies you have.  They will only care that despite your success, you found a way to make them matter.”
He taught me to “plan my work” and how to “work my plan”.  I hold those skills to this day and I live my life as if every day is my last.  He showed me how to find joy in everything I do.

My Favorite Langevin Moment

I had an opportunity to go to Toronto, Canada to observe another one of the Langevin trainers.  When I arrived, the trainer was standing outside the room greeting everyone as they came in and directing them to refreshments.  I remember thinking, “Wow! This class is going to be great if this is an example of how everyone is treated all the time.” The class was amazing and the people were engaged because the trainer made everyone feel like he/she was the most important person in the room.  I promised myself that I would do the same in every class.
"The tools provided in this workshop are extremely valuable. We will be able to use them for selling this entire concept to our organization."
Beth Bowers - American Medical Security
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