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Linda Carole Pierce

Linda Carole Pierce

Greetings, I’m Linda Carole Pierce, born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa. I currently live in New York’s Westchester County and have made New York my home for over 20 years.

I am an Alumni of New York University with a degree in Organizational Behavior and Communication. I have also had the privilege of teaching at NYU’s Gallatin Division in the area of Theatre and Education. I have been in the field of training for over 30 years and have been with Langevin Learning Services since 2005, where I earned my certification as a Master Trainer®.

I have developed my training philosophy over the past 20 years through two important life experiences. The first, by facilitating conflict resolution and coexistence workshops for diverse groups (Arabs and Israelis, Greek and Turkish Cypriots) and by running workshops in the Middle East and South Africa. The second, by facilitating social issues workshops for young people (ages 5 - 18) in the NYC school system. These experiences helped mold my philosophy about learning: learning works best when it is student-centered, experiential, interactive, and fun. I also realized through these experiences that I had discovered my life’s work: whatever I do, I need, and must connect with, people.

Interests and Hobbies

I love theatre both as an audience member and as an active participant. I also love music and my spirit rejoices when I dance. My introverted side appreciates silence and spending quality time with family and friends.

Life’s Biggest Lessons and Influences – So Far

I have had many life lessons, but what resonates for me the most is the lesson that I learned regarding my tendency to strive for perfection. I have learned that I must incorporate balance in my life. I had to become very ill to realize that without me, life and work will go on. I now take vacations, take time to smell the roses, and choose to live my best life. When I apply this to training, I am aware that everything may not be perfect, but I know I will always do my best and no matter what goes wrong, the world is not coming to an end. I’ve learned to be comfortable with both my gifts and my flaws.

My Favorite Langevin Moment

There are so many to choose from, but my favorite moment has to do with witnessing the success of participants who are terrified to present in a group. There was one man who was visibly trembling during his introduction; it appeared as though he might faint. He shared with me that he didn’t feel he could make it to the final day of the course where he would have to give his final presentation. With my encouragement and the support of the entire class he stayed and met his objective and was still alive to talk about it. The entire class gave him a standing ovation; he was close to tears and so was I. This experience reinforced for me the value in creating a safe climate for learners to feel vulnerable so they can move past their fears and succeed.

"An eye-opener for me. The benefits are too numerous to list. Exceptional instructor. Everything was right on the mark!!"
Julie Rutili - Colgate Palmolive
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