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James Summers

James Summers

Hello! My name is James Summers.  I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but in my mind, I’m Floridian! I studied communications and journalism at Florida A&M University and I absolutely loved it there.  When it comes to my career, I have two passions, one is training and facilitating and the other is fashion, which we will get to a little later.

Prior to joining Langevin, I started my career as a communications specialist in the Florida State University Law Center.  Once I moved back to Dallas I began my role as a trainer working with adults, helping them to achieve their GED.  In this role, I discovered my love for training and working with adults.  From there, I migrated into the corporate world training customer service representatives, creating instructional content, and making sure staff received the most effective, efficient training materials.  Next, I went to work with an e-commerce distribution center, training associates handling product ordered via e-commerce outlets, which included many facets like shipping, receiving, picking and packing, and more.  My responsibilities included orientation and training for new hires, refresher courses, new roll-outs for different departments, as well as training upwards of 3200 associates over the course of 6 weeks every holiday season for 4 years. Whewww!!! Talk about breaking a sweat!  I also, worked with executives on leadership training. I advised them on the most effective ways to supervise their teams and handle coaching sessions and write ups; which included hard conversations.

What I most enjoy about training is when my students have that “a ha” moment. When the light bulb comes on and they can see a new way of doing things or a way to enhance their current method, it lets me know I’ve done my job.

Interests and Hobbies

Earlier, I mentioned fashion because it is one of my interests outside of training. I love everything about fashion. I study it to stay up to date on new ideas and trends. I also love styling friends and family to make sure they look their best. There is one thing I must tell you though…if you don’t want to know the truth about your outfit, you probably shouldn’t ask me!  I want you to look your best, so as a stylist I am always brutally honest but in the end you look amazing!      

Life’s Biggest Lessons 

Live life to the fullest every day because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I try to travel, spend time with family and friends, and make sure I always express how much I love them. I also do my best to put my Faith first in everything I do, which is a lesson I have learned from my mother. I make a whole-hearted effort to treat all people right and spread love wherever I go.

My Favorite Langevin Moment

It’s hard to choose just one favorite moment at Langevin because I have so many. In one of my sessions, a participant came in who obviously didn’t want to be there. I greeted her and tried to figure out what her reservations were. She politely mentioned she didn’t see a need to attend the class and had all the facilitation skills she needed. I asked her to have an open mind and give me a chance. As the course went on, I saw a change in her demeanor. She participated more, shared experiences, and asked questions. At the end of the training she thanked me for asking her to keep an open mind and showing her tools she'd never considered. She also shared how much she enjoyed the learning experience. This moment really drove home that what I do matters. Giving participants the tools they need to be successful is important! It also confirmed for me that there’s no need to feel upset when a learner isn’t excited about attending your class. Instead, make it your personal challenge to change the way they view training.
"One of the most practical workshops I have attended in 10 years of my training career."
Alejandro Garcia - Schering Plough
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