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Dawn Lang

Dawn Lang

Hello from sunny Orlando, Florida! I’m Dawn Lang. I grew up in the Midwest (Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska) and raised my two daughters in Colorado. My passion for teaching started in third grade and I’ve never looked back! As an educator, technology trainer, instructional designer, and facilitator of virtual training, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders in all different contexts to support their learning and application of skills and knowledge.

As a trainer, I want to inspire and empower people to reach their full potential. Consistently incorporating fun and laughter, connecting, and respecting others are important components that I utilize as a trainer.

Interests and Hobbies

I love spending time outside doing just about anything, but particularly playing tennis, riding bikes, being in the mountains, as well as hanging out at the pool or the beach! I also enjoy spending time with family, baking, reading (especially mysteries), and playing card or board games. Both my daughters (young adults now) still live in Colorado and spending time with them is always a priority.

Life’s Biggest Influences – So Far

My biggest influences have been my family, including my parents and daughters. Now that my girls are grown, I have found that I want to slow down and savor every moment, surrounding myself with the people I love and care most about, because these moments are too precious to rush through.

My Favorite Langevin Moment

Reflection has always been a BIG part of my development process as well as incorporating and adding new tools to my “toolbox” that improve my instruction and ultimately student learning. My favorite moments with Langevin so far have involved supporting other trainers as they add tools to their “toolbox” and witnessing those “AHA!” moments they express when new learning occurs.

"Prepare to learn vital and important aspects of training and facilitating that you never even knew existed. Prepare to be blown away."
Martin Gomez - Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
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