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Make Your Training Stick

How to Maximize Your Results

1 day |$599

This practical workshop shows you how to secure buy-in and support for training and performance throughout your entire organization.  It gives you a set of comprehensive tools and techniques to ensure that training really "sticks" back on the job - long after a course is completed.

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  • Sell the idea of training transfer to the organization.
  • Create a training partnership between learners, trainers, and supervisors.
  • Prepare potential learners for training.
  • Create a transfer-friendly training environment.
  • Help learners help themselves.
  • Develop a transfer of training mind-set for learners, trainers, and supervisors.
  • Conduct follow-up activities with supervisors and learners.

What You Will Receive

All the worksheets, checklists, and forms in Microsoft® Word template format.  Simply download them from your personal My Langevin website.

Free telephone consultation.  If you need advice, confirmation of a decision, or someone to discuss ideas with – just give us a call.

Who Should Attend

For training managers/directors who want to improve their training and make long-lasting improvement in employee performance.

What You Will Learn

Before Training

  • How to keep training on the agenda at all levels, right up to the top.
  • A 5-step checklist for brokering support among managers and supervisors.
  • The 4 major benefits for improving training transfer.
  • How to develop and maintain solid lines of consultation.
  • 3 ways to ensure training alignment with organizational objectives.
  • A 7-point toolkit for you to form a training partnership in your organization.
  • 7 ways to deal with the short "shelf life" of knowledge.
  • 4 things to avoid when designing shelf-resistant, take-home materials.
  • How to get learners to want to attend training for the right reasons.
  • 4 ways job aids assist in the transfer of training.
  • Tips for building rapport with learners.
  • How to involve learners before they attend training.
  • 6 tips to cover an employee's absence from the job.
  • How to develop a results-based development plan for learners.
  • How to win the support of even the most skeptical line supervisors.

During Training

  • 16 ways to make training transfer-friendly.
  • A 6-step system to maintain a productive classroom atmosphere.
  • How to prevent outside disturbances.
  • 5 ways to reduce classroom time.
  • How to make an unavoidably long course work for you.
  • How to relate practice to real situations.
  • 6 stages of the learning strategy.
  • 13 group activities that maximize training effectiveness.
  • How to constantly demonstrate relevance to the work environment.
  • How to motivate learners to create action plans.
  • The 2 key action plan questions.
  • How to get learners thinking about training transfer long before the first day of class.

After Training

  • How to maintain learning long after the course is over.
  • A follow-up system to ensure that knowledge is effectively transferred.
  • How to monitor short- to medium-term progress.
  • Post-course debriefing guidelines for supervisors.
  • How to conduct a post-course interview with both learners and line supervisors.
  • How to get ongoing support from the line supervisors for future projects.
  • The 6 indicators of training transfer success.
  • The 4 elements to include in a report to management.
  • Simple, easy-to-use methods to ensure that training continues to "stick."

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