Meet Our Course Leaders

Ralph Langevin "Our course leaders are the best part of Langevin Learning Services and the main reason for our success. Each one has the qualities and experience we all look for in course leaders. Our instructors are full-time Langevin Learning Services staff, who work solely on delivering workshops. Their only role is to deliver these workshops and continuously improve their knowledge and classroom performance. Our course leaders are so good that clients give them, on average, a rating of 9.7 on a scale of 1 to 10." — Ralph Langevin
  • Beth Brashear

    Beth Brashear

    Hello, from Washington, DC, I am Beth Brashear. I was born outside of Pittsburgh but spent the major... | more

  • Steve Flanagan

    Steve Flanagan

    Hello, I am Steve Flanagan. (Only my mother calls me Stephen.) I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and m... | more

  • Martha Kelly

    Martha Kelly

    Hello, I’m Martha Kelly. I live in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I was born in Champa... | more

  • Lynne Koltookian

    Lynne Koltookian

    Hello, I’m Lynne Koltookian, a native New Englander. I have lived here all my life and am now ... | more

  • Jim Leligdon

    Jim Leligdon

    Hi. I’m Jim Leligdon, and I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. When I joined Langevi... | more

  • Alan Magnan

    Alan Magnan

    Hi there! I’m Alan Magnan, a Canadian-born-and-raised course leader with Langevin Learning Ser... | more

  • Linda Carole Pierce

    Linda Carole Pierce

    Greetings, I’m Linda Carole Pierce, born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphi... | more

  • José Rego

    José Rego

    Hi. I’m José Rego. I was born in Miami, Florida, raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and in... | more

  • Melissa Grey Satterfield

    Melissa Grey Satterfield

    Greetings from “The City of Angels!” I’m Melissa Grey Satterfield, a native of Las... | more

  • Paul Sitter

    Paul Sitter

    Hello, folks! I’m Paul Sitter, a Langevin Course Leader since January 2000. I’m happy to... | more

  • Marsha Weisleder

    Marsha Weisleder

    Hi. I’m Marsha Weisleder. I’m a born-and-bred Torontonian (yes, some of us do exist) and... | more

  • Jeff Welch

    Jeff Welch

    Greetings from Washington, DC!  My name is Jeff Welch and I’ve been a Course Leader with ... | more

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